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How To Shoot

From shooting bracketed photos, to filming cinematic sequences to creating virtual tours.

How To Edit

From Lightroom basics to perfect window pulls and advanced video editing techniques.

How To Grow

From email marketing to website and design tips to crucial customer service processes.

Real Estate Media Pro

Marketing Course ($197)


"I purchased your Sky Replacement pack, and it made all the difference in the world to spice up the photos! Much better than the ones that come from photoshop stock."


"The 52-Week Email Template has helped me take the next step in business and gain a lot of new clients. Highly recommend."

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Checkout The Latest YouTube Videos

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Is the Email Template Copy & Paste?

Pretty much! There are some blank spaces in some emails to fill out your area and some details specific to your business. Overall, it’s 99% copy and paste. Feel free to make any changes you’d like though!

What Format Is The Email Template?

It’s a 52-page PDF. Easy to download and easy to copy the text from.

Will The Email Template Really Grow My Business?

YES! I personally use this exact template for my business. I spent countless hours on these emails to ensure high open rates and high response rates.

Do I Need The Latest Version Of Photoshop For The Sky Replacement Pack?

Nope! These images will work in any version of Photoshop that you are using. Older versions of photoshop just don’t have the one-click sky replacement tool.

Are the Sky Replacement Images Commercially Licensed?

Yes! These images are licensed for personally and commercial use. Go make that money!

How Do I Download The Sky Replacement Pack?

There will be a download button after the purchase page where you will have access to a ZIP file of all of the images. There will also be an email sent to you with a download link as well.

Real Estate Videography isn't always the easiest industry to leap into. What sucks about that is, you NEED to shoot and edit homes to get good at shooting and editing homes! I wanted to help anyone that is looking to up their editing skills and give this footage away for FREE!