Raw Interior Photos


Not everyone starting out in real estate photography gets many homes to practice with, I want to help that! These photos will give you the practice you need to become a great editor and for your shoots even if you are just starting out.

    • RAW Bracketed Images - These photos are all shot by me and straight out of camera. They are shot on a Canon EOS R. You'll be able to see the settings each photo was shot in within Lightroom.
    • Angles - You'll also be able to see what angles I focus on when I'm doing a shoot. These are ALL of the interior photos from this shoot. Composition is super important and these may help you with ideas on your next shoot.

There are a total of 75 images (25 images with 3 exposures each) within this set. All of them were shot with no flash. This shoot was at approximately 11:00am to give you an idea of lighting for your own shoot.

Please feel free to share your results with me on IG! @AlexMSerrao


P.S. I personally use an editor within my business and I even suggest you do the same as your grow your business but it's great to know how to edit your own photos and to know every part of your business even if you end up delegating it out later!